The Prometeo project has a new visual identity

The Prometeo project has a new look! The restyling of the visual identity features Prometeo as a unique and distinctive brand in the plethora of European H2020 projects on hydrogen.

Prometeo brand image

The Prometeo project has a new logo and a new visual identity that features the project as a unique and distinguishable brand. The branding of Prometeo represents the pillar of the project’s dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. The visual identity is the basis of the new project website and of all the coming materials for dissemination and communication. The goal of the Prometeo’s visual identity is to help inform the different stakeholders and the general public about the project.

The objective is to increase the public visibility of the project and subsequently its outcomes and facilitate the overall project goal to boost Europe’s Innovation ecosystem. Moreover, the aim is to facilitate the market uptake of the Prometeo prototype that will result from the project.

The visual identity supports internal as well as external communication. On the one hand, it contributes to the internal identification and motivation, and accounts for a tangible project culture. On the other hand, the Prometeo identity facilitates brand recognition of the project and the dissemination of its values, messages and results.

The project logo, the key visual, the brand identity, all general templates and master documents, the website, the roll-up as well as the postcard have already been designed and the consortium is going to use them in internal and external communication on a constant basis. Over the next year, a brochure, newsletter, a poster and other materials will be designed and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders. All the materials designed, the ones that are going to be prepared as well as the future D&C activities as e.g. give-aways and on demand posters are and will be coherently designed and transport values such as simplicity, progress and community. By developing a professional joint image and appearance together with the clear and consistent design of the brand appearance of Prometeo, a solid and future-oriented basis for further dissemination and exploitation activities has been set.