Prometeo project presented at Modelon Innovate 2022

The project partner Fondazione Bruno Kessler presented the model developed in the project at the Conference Modelon Innovate 2022.

Michele Bolognese, reasearcher at the Centre for Sustainable Energy of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, participated in the Conference Modelon Innovate 2022, in Stockholm, last 19th of October.

With the presentation “R-SOC System: Modeling and Control Development With Modelica-Based Language”, the researcher wished to give an overview of the model developed for the H2020 Projects PROMETEO and SWITCH.

The model enables the evaluation of a detailed system analysis and operation, which can also be used as a design tool for the upscale of the R-SOCs technology in different scenarios and applications, and to test and optimize the control strategy. 

Modelon Innovate 2022 is a global event focused on system simulation for innovation and product design within commercial industries.