PROMETEO presented at AHRC 2023

PROMETEO participated in the Australian Hydrogen Research Conference 2023 that took place in Camberra in February 2023.

First conference of 2023 for PROMETEO Project!

The Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) participated in the Australian Hydrogen Research Conference 2023 held in Camberra (Australia) from 7 to 10 February 2023.

Hosted by the Australian National University and organised by the Australian Hydrogen Research Network (AHRN), this Conference is the first in Australia in the field of hydrogen research.

Australia is a country with important policies focused on the development and future exploitation of hydrogen technologies. Thanks to its high solar resources, Australia has the potential to produce massive amount of solar hydrogen at competitive costs for its use in local industries or export. For these reasons, Australia is one leading countries R&D on green hydrogen production and represents an interesting scenario for the exploitation of PROMETEO technology.

The Project Coordinator, Alberto Giaconia (ENEA), was invited to present PROMETEO technology. The presentation, attended by about 100 persons, was an interesting opportunity to disseminate results achieved so far in the project as well as to discuss of possible application scenarios. Specifically, the audience appreciated the PROMETEO’s approach to manage a fully-integrated SOE electrolyzer under design and off-design conditions when combined with solar resources.

The presentation “Green Hydrogen Production by Means of Solar Heat and Power in High Temperature Solid Oxide Electrolyzers” was included in the Concurrent Session 2A “Hydrogen Production Stream”, and can be found in the publication section.

Check out the agenda and the presentation.