Project Meeting n.5

PROMETEO project members met online to discuss the state-of-art and next steps of the project

Yesterday, July 18, the PROMETEO Consortium met online to discuss the state-of-art and next steps of the project!

Since the last meeting that took place in November 2022, in Trento, several steps and advancements have been implemented within the project.

Followin the opening of the Project Coordinator, Alberto Giaconia (ENEA), all WP Leaders presented the activities starting with the engineering design process undertaken and results achieved in WP2, by Matteo Testi (FBK) with the support of SNAM and EPFL. Then, Massimiliano Della Pietra (ENEA) reported the work done with regards to the design and characterization of basic components and Manuel Romero (IMDEA Energy) with the support of Michele Bolognese (FBK) outlined the results of the system modelling.

Furthermore, Barbara Morico (NextChem) informed the Partners about the developments done in WP5, about system integration & prototyping, and Miguel Munoz (Capital Energy) gave an update on the pilot site.

Finally, Matteo Robino (SNAM) introduced the recently started exploitation activities and Ilaria Alberti (FBK) concluded the meeting with the updates on communication and dissemination.

The project is now at a crucial and fundamental point: the prototype is being assembled and the site in preparation. Partners have already participated in conferences and events to disseminate the project.