ENEA introduces PROMETEO to the Italian Senate

In June 2022, PROMETEO project was presented to the Italian Senate during the event “Symposium towards a 100% RES national system”

Energy transition, the shift from an energy mix based on fossil fuels to one based on renewables. Few words to explain it but lots of efforts to achieve it.

What are the challenges to be faced and how to solve them?

At the Symposium towards a 100% RES national system that took place on 16 June 2022 at the Italian Senate, ENEA outlines the necessity to combine different energy resources and technologies to obtain the complete decarbonisation. The project PROMETEO is brought as an example of the combination of different solar technologies that result in the production of green hydrogen.

In te publication section, it is possible to read and download the presentation, given by Alberto Giaconia and entitled “H2 production using solar energy”.

The event has been an important occasion to discuss with policy makers about the challenges of the energy transition. Among the participants there were several members of the Italian Parliament and of the Industry Commission, stakeholders from the industry and research sector.

Find more details on the detailed agenda of the event: