PROMETEO presented to the Chilean Delegation

On 18th of October, PROMETEO project was presented to a Chilean delegation during the visit to ENEA.

Chile is reach of natural resources and, recently, has seen a growing interest in energy transition with numerous policies that plan to reach climate neutrality by 2050, in line with the country’s contribution to the Paris Agreement.

One of the resources this country is reach of is the sun, fundamental for PROMETEO project.

Last 18th of October 2022, a Chilean delegation visited ENEA in view of collaborations between the two countries in the sector of renewable energies and, especially, hydrogen.

Alberto Giaconia took the chance to present the activities and the technology of the PROMETEO project to the delegation, also outlining that one of the Technical Advisors of the project, Ms Ana María Ruz Frías, is part of the Solar Energy Committee of the Chilean Economic Development Agency, and Advisor for the new Green Hydrogen Strategy for Chile.

In the publication section, it is possible to read and download the presentation, given by Alberto Giaconia and entitled “ENEA R&D activities on hydrogen”.

The event has been an important occasion to discuss the technology with the representatives of one of the most interesting countries outside Europe for the exploitation of PROMETEO results.