PROMETEO is among the Shortlisted Projects Innovations

Vote for PROMETEO to be the Best Innovation for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards 2023!

The Clean Hydrogen Innovation Award celebrates excellence and innovation in the hydrogen sector, and demonstrates how collaboration between research, industry and policymakers in this European partnership is delivering world-class solutions and accelerating the energy transition to a decarbonised and greener world.

The innovations shortlisted this year focus on those sectors where use of clean energy would make the greatest difference to reducing pollution: energy production for industry and heavy-duty transport, the engines and the refuelling and storage infrastructure.

What are the next steps? There are two dates to be marked on the calendar:

  • 23 October, with the start of the online public vote on the competition platform.
  • 22 November, Award Cerimony.
    The Clean Hydrogen Partnership will nominate its top projects and beneficiaries of funding for their excellent achievements in 2023, during the European Hydrogen Week 2023 in Brussels.

This year, the Awards include the following categories: 

  • Best Success Story
  • Best Innovation 
  • Best Outreach
  • European H2Valleys of the Year.

PROMETEO innovation consists in an electrolyser that uses renewable electricity and a solar heat storage system to ensure the high temperatures needed for hydrogen production, looks set to provide greater efficiency, reliability and durability than conventional electrolysis. The prototype being developed will be able to provide renewable hydrogen for injection into the gas grid, chemical storage of renewable electricity, and for ammonia and fertiliser production.

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