Manuel Romero presents PROMETEO to students

PROMETEO presented to a group of 17 master students of the EOI Business School

17 Students of the Master in Renewable Energies and Energy Market at the Spanish School of Industrial Organization (EOI) have visited IMDEA Energy’s facilities today.

During the meeting Manuel Romero, Deputy Director of IMDEA Energy, presented several projects the projects that involve the Insitute, among these:

  • PROMETEO Project on hydrogen production with SOE technology integrating solar steam, funded by the FCH2 JU of the European Union;
  • and the SUN-to-LIQUID II project, on the production of liquid aviation fuels with concentrated solar energy, funded by the Horizon Europe program.

One year ago, PROMETEO was presented to 22 students of the Master in Renewable Energies and Energy Market (read the news here).

EOI was founded on July 12, 1955 as a result of the agreement reached between the Ministries of Education and Industry, thus becoming the first business school in Spain and one of the first in Europe. EOI is now the official Master and Business School of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.